RiellyBoy Productions brings more than three decades of experience in capturing and delivering the sights and sounds needed for your project. From simple one camera interviews to multi-camera events.

4K Ultra-HD cameras and state of the art software are the latest must-have toys in the every changing world of digital media, and RiellyBoy has the tools and knowledge to deliver a finished polished product on multiple platforms.

The JVC LS300 with its Super 35mm pickup sensor paired with a collection of Rokinon CinePrime lenses for a truly cinematic look to captured images. Recording to an external Ninja Flame in a mastering codec maintains the image quality, avoiding in-camera compression to mpeg4.  



The Panasonic DVX200 is a Broadcast quality camera using a micro-four-thirds sensor for stunning 4K images as well as offering variable high speed frame rates and the flexibility of fast paced hand held run & gun shooting.

The Panasonic X1000 provides full raster 4K UHD in a down-sized camera body for times when a larger camera just won't work.

The Panasonic VX870 palmcorder delivers full raster 4K UHD in a convenient hand held form. GoPro Black and Session cameras offer a HD/2.7K/4K view strapped on a helmet or tucked away out of site.

For the audio side of the production: Sennheiser Boom,

Sennheiser & Sony wireless systems. Rolls & Tascam field mixers



For unforgettable aerial shots: a DJI Inspire drone with 4K camera and separate camera control. FAA registered and licensed.

RiellyBoy's first DJI Phantom Drone in action.


RiellyBoy uses industry standard AVID Media Composer/Symphony and ADOBE PremierPro to edit projects. Digital non-linear editing provides the creativity, and flexibility, to shoot once but cut together any number of different versions to meet final delivery needs across multiple platforms. Augmented with effects packages from Boris Continuum Complete, Sapphire Effects, and Red Giant Looks Suite, RiellyBoy can add a touch of West coast magic to any project. With today's high-end laptops and flat panel monitors RiellyBoy can turn any office desk into an edit bay, allowing you to review and make changes to the final edit without leaving your office.



Running the full ADOBE Creative Suite, and with a Royalty free music library; RiellyBoy can do a complete audio post once the picture is locked. For final delivery three different compression suites will deliver the right format at the best quality: web, broadcast, or disc based DVD or BluyRay authoring. Duplication services with printed disc faces and cover inserts for cases provides a professional finish to disc based projects.