Corporate marketing video for the Massage Therapy Foundation, highlighting their services and accomplishments. Four days work from first script to delivered video, presented at the Foundation's annual conference.


Whether it's a thirty second commercial or a thirty minute marketing video, getting the message across with picture and sound is what's most important. Here are a few examples of marketing pieces produced by RiellyBoy Productions. For more visit our YouTube Channel:

Another in a series of PSAs produced through the University of Illinois Family Resiliency Center. Script by S51 Marketing.

Web marketing video for a book binding company. Concept and script by Surface51 ad agency. 1 day shoot, 3 days edit and post.

Promotional broadcast piece for WILL-TV's Book Mentoring Program. One day shot, one day edit, one day post.

PSA for the Champaign, Illinois Police department highlighting the department's community involvement efforts. "Fitness 5-0" is an after school sports program.

Promotional spots to promote use of the Champiagn Mass Transit District bus system. Script by Surface51 marketing.

Promotional video for Champaign County Illinois highlighting public education in the community. Script by Surface 51 marketing.


Video tutorials have become a mainstay of modern education. Here are a couple examples RiellyBoy has produced. For more visit our YouTube Channel:

Orientation video for incoming freshman at the University of Illinois' College of Business.

One of several short training videos produced for Bartlett Tree Care. Distributed as DVDs and webclips to tree care workers.


Independent movies, music videos, live concerts. Here are a few examples of some of the fun stuff RiellyBoy Productions has had a hand in. Several produced in partnership with Shut Up & Do It Productions. For more check out the YouTube channel:

Music video for rap single "I Know, I Know" by the Twinfolkz

Pilot episode of a web series of very short movies from the demented mind of Mike Trippiedi. Following the exploits of Theresa and Maynard.

Trailer for Independent feature film. Shown at a half-dozen festivals across the U.S. Award winner for best picture, and best actress. available at

Submission for the sleepy creek film festival from the demented mind of Mike Trippiedi. True weekend project: 3 hr shoot, 3 hr edit, 1 day post (including all audio added in post)

Shut Up & Do It productions first feature production, released in 1999. Awarded 2nd place Grand Jury Award at Yale's FilmFest New Haven, beating out several Sundance films. The little dog in the opening title sequence is Rielly; the namesake of RiellyBoy Productions.