Rielly “Sluggo” Keenan was a Scotty-Terrier mix who graced our home, and pooped in our backyard for 17 years. His inquisitive-friendly-tenacious nature, his “dogged” determination to follow through on an idea no matter what the guy on the other end of the leash suggested, and his devotion and loyalty to family, or the closest person with a piece of fried chicken, still inspires me. Rielly now chases bunnies in Heaven, but his spirit and image lives on through RiellyBoy Productions.

On the human side, RiellyBoy Productions was founded and is run by Bill Yauch, who has racked up a lifetime of personal and professional experience over the better part of the last four decades carrying cameras, cutting video, and loving every minute of it. For a more pragmatic break down, the icon below links to Bill's resume.